Monday, February 15, 2010

Frankenstein's Creature: Hollywood Style!

Hi, all,

Below are clips from several film adaptations of Frankenstein--including the full-length version of the first one, made in 1910 at Edison Studios, the 1931 classic, the 1994 remake with Robert DeNiro, and Mel Brooks's hilarious comedic take. I have tried to group them together so that you can see the "birth/creation" scenes together.

Frankenstein, 1931. "It's alive!" (RT 4:05)

Frankenstein, 1931. The creature's awareness. (RT 3:10)

Frankenstein, 1994. Frankenstein gives "birth." (RT 7:37)
Young Frankenstein, 1974. (RT 10:00)

Bride of Frankenstein, 1935. "She's alive!" (RT 6:14)

Frankenstein, 1994. The Creature expresses his loneliness. (RT 3:56)
Frankenstein, 1994. The Creature confronts Victor. (RT 9:58)

Finally, this is the first-ever adaptation!

Frankenstein, 1910. Watch the "special effect" at the end! (Full-length 12:41)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, students, I hope you have enjoyed these clips--if I find more, I'll post them!

Prof. Williams